What Can We Do for You?

Our sole focus is working with small to mid-size business owners and executives to develop Human Resource practices best aligned with your business objectives and your strategic plans!


We provide “Common Sense” Human Resource advice by:

Solving Human Resource challenges.
Conducting HR Compliance Audits focusing on both compliance and the important Best Practices that minimize employer liability.
Drafting Administrative Policies & Procedures and Employee Manuals.
Independent reviews of difficult employee performance situations, including terminations.

Our HR Consulting Team will work WITH you to determine the needs of YOUR business to operate efficiently for long-term success. We work side by side with owners, executives and employees to build morale, change or improve culture and be a resource for all levels within the organization.


  • Human Resource advice sized to fit YOUR business
  • Human Resource Audits
  • Compliance
  • Recruiting – Hourly rate fee’s, no markups, no contract periods
  • Building turn-key Human Resource departments
  • Leadership training for supervisors and managers
  • Ad hoc Human Resource management support
  • Supplemental HR support to current HR staff in large organizations and independent resource
  • Solutions to employee challenges
  • Avoiding employer liability
  • Developing and mentoring Human Resource professionals
  • Significant work with Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Independent Investigations – Harassment, Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment
  • Total HR Account Management
  • Developing and revising Employee Manuals
  • Performance Management system development
  • Wage and Compensation surveys – Target compensation development plans
  • Building culture and growth within an organization


Temporary Help

  • Lower skilled pool of candidates
  • Mainly attracts the unemployed
  • 50-75% markup on ALL hours, including overtime
  • Long contract period – 3-6 months
  • High rate of turnover

Human Resources Consulting

  • No contract periods required
  • No first year salary fee
  • No markup on candidates
  • We recruit only for YOU!
  • Reasonable hourly rate – no surprises!
  • We match technical skills AND a cultural fit!
  • We write your ad, screen, and present only prequalified candidates!
  • We help draft offer letter, reference check, drug screens, background check, and more!

Recruiting & Head Hunting

  • Resumes shopped simultaneously to many clients
  • High placement fee, 30% of annual salary
  • No way to ensure a strong cultural fit
  • Long lead times
  • Limited guarantee
  • No refunds

HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTING can be your service and solution source – on any level – for any size client or organization.

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