Digital Project Manager

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Job Description
Envano is seeking an energetic, enthusiastic and customer focused Digital Project Manager. Must have applied experience in project management and successfully helping bring a variety of tasks to completion with positive results for medium to large brands. Must have a passion for digital business and emerging digital technologies, personal interaction and engagement, organization and management, and new marketing methods. This role is challenged constantly by the evolving industry and the drive to keep Envano partners ahead.

The Digital Project Manager is responsible for resource planning, evaluating  and executing projects according to predetermined timelines, budgets and expectations set by both internal and external stakeholders. Building and managing project teams, coordinating with the Account Executive and Creative Directors to support their respective missions, the Digital Project Manager helps ensure quality control throughout project lifecycles and ensures consistency, accountability and job satisfaction among the rest of the team.

Integral to the day-to-day tasks and project completions, the Digital Project Manager is responsible for a combination of task assignment and tracking, timeframes and budgets, project quality, client and team satisfaction, and project success metrics.

Here’s What We Need From You

  • Manage project development from initiation to closure.
  • Be accountable for project results along with Interactive Business Strategists.
  • Work with Interactive Business Strategists and stakeholders to complete project charter outlining scope, goals, deliverables, required resources, budget and timing.
  • Complete work breakdown structure to estimate effort required for each task.
  • Provide a project schedule to identify when each task will be performed.
  • Clearly communicate details and expectations to team members and stakeholders.
  • Act as a mediator between stakeholders and team members.
  • Resolve any issues and solve problems throughout project life cycle.
  • Effectively manage project scope by ensuring any changes to scope are documented and approved with project change request forms.
  • Identify if external consultants or contractors will be required to complete project plan.
  • Manage appropriate external and internal staffing resources.  This includes reviewing time tracking to verify it is completed correctly and timely for each employee assigned to the PM.
  • Track and report on project milestones and provide status reports to Interactive Business Strategists.
  • Lead, coach and motivate project team members on a proactive basis.
  • Determine how results will be measured and complete a post-project evaluation to determine how well results were achieved.
  • Develop tools and best practices for project management and execution.
  • Safely close unsuccessful or re-prioritized projects.
  • Ensure all project documents are safely archived following project completion.
  • Regularly share insights gained from project completions, processes and monitoring to the internal and external teams, to help evolve strategies in a timely fashion.
  • Keep abreast of trends in the arenas of digital technology, marketing technology and social media.

General Requirements

  • 3 years work experience in project and/or marketing management
  • Experience in managing multiple projects at once with quick turnaround
  • Strategic, operational and technical marketing and management skills
  • Customer service demeanor
  • Highly detail oriented
  • Clear and concise thinker
  • Excellent written communication
  • Willingness to cross-train to learn more about other digital business and marketing functions, providing assistance as needed.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and collaboration skills, and ability to work with a wide variety of personalities and stakeholders (internal and external).
  • Excellent leadership skills and experience working within an organization and/or corporation.
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously, and rapidly adapt and respond to changes in environment and priorities
  • Proven ability to set, manage and meet deadlines, and to work under pressure.
  • Aptitude for evolving skill set along with changes in technology and client needs.
  • Ability to learn new software applications with training as required by future growth.

Nice To Haves

  • University degree or college diploma in business or a related field
  • Familiarity with project management tools and/or software packages
    (PMI Certification is a major asset)
  • Internet Marketing experience, Marketing or Advertising agency experience, or Corporate Marketing department experience

About Us

For more than a decade, Envano has worked to help leaders navigate rapid change and align their physical and digital experience. Our goal is to help you find value in the ever changing digital world and realize your desired business impact.

What makes a good Envano Team Member?

We seek to redefine the landscape in interactive business, whether it’s marketing, sales or service for and with our clients. We don’t develop technology, we leverage it at the right time, in the right way to the benefit of our client partners. Our team is filled with dynamic, assertive thought leaders who excel in their chosen disciplines. Yet, we all understand and accept that we are only one piece of a successful team. Passionate, exuberant, feisty, challenging, assertive, innovative and creative are all words that are used to describe us.

We seek to understand our clients’ goals and objectives and provide unique and often challenging insight in our field of expertise. Today it is mobile and augmented reality, tomorrow is what? You may not know but we are already experimenting, playing with and learning what is going to help our clients WIN into the future

You’re Curious
You seek to learn new things and are excited to look at the world differently. You are great at helping clients see through different lenses and understand different ways of approaching problems.

You’ve Got Serious Skills
You are not afraid of working with a passionate group, even if they challenge you professionally. You are not afraid of being held accountable by your team and our clients.

You Love Technology
You are connected. Maybe you blog, Tweet, Facebook or are LinkedIn. You try new apps and software, love getting new devices and turn to Wikipedia or Google when you want to know about something.

You’re Nimble
You are not afraid of hard problems or seemingly impossible challenges. Change doesn’t scare you, it energizes you.

You’re a Goof
You think about your work all the time, in fact you have trouble knowing when you are working or playing.