About Us

Our Company Background

Diane Biersteker created Human Resources Consulting, LLC in January 2011 starting from the belief that there was a need for HR support at small to mid-sized companies. She didn’t have a business plan or really a goal in mind, other than wanting to share her significant wealth of HR experience with businesses in Northeast WI. Diane knew a large number of businesspeople from her long career in HR so she started networking to share her “story” of the services she could provide. Starting from a bedroom converted to an office in her home, she began working with small to medium sized businesses that could not afford (or need) the services of a full time HR professional. Diane began partnering with company owners and local executives to provide HR support on an Ad Hoc basis, using her accumulated business and HR knowledge to assist and advise them on employee and business challenges.

Diane became the person they called for candid and confidential advice because the “issue” was something she had handled before and was able to solve creatively for the client. What she found, was that for the typical small company owner, Human Resources was the one area that they felt the least equipped to handle. Many an owner said the problem is……….”I don’t know what I don’t know” about HR.

Diane realized there was a strong need for HR support on an “as needed basis” within Northeast WI. In response to that need, her company evolved and grew to be able to offer a comprehensive “à la carte menu” of HR and business support services.


Since our origins in 2011, we have grown from a solo business practice to a team of eight HR professionals. From our humble beginnings, this HR Consulting firm grew one client at a time, thanks to the valued referrals of our clients and other business colleagues. To date, we have been selected as the HR partner for over 250 businesses across Northeast WI and the Upper Midwest adding new clients on a regular basis each month.

We obviously outgrew that bedroom in Diane’s home. As the team expanded, we moved to rented office space on Velp Avenue for 4 years and then in 2018, we purchased our own office building. We take great pride in utilizing our significant HR knowledge, business integrity and wealth of business acumen to assist our clients. Our motto of “Solutions, Services, and Support” along with hard work and determination has led Human Resources Consulting to become one of the most reputable and relied upon outsourced HR departments in Northeastern, WI. The ability to serve as an Interim, Ad Hoc, or long-term solution has given companies the ability to adjust, grow and have confidence in their employment practices. Diane and her team of HR professionals continue to grow and show success in their contemporary and versatile Human Resources support model.

Anne Wettstein and Nick Erler, two of Diane’s children, followed her into the field of Human Resources and Business Administration. As the consulting business grew, Anne and Nick left their successful management roles with other companies to join Diane, ultimately to become partners in the firm. As partners and certified SHRM professionals, Anne and Nick continue the rich legacy and commitment to service with integrity and creativity ensuring the continuation of the firm for at least another generation. We look forward to working with you over the next several generations!

Our Team

Diane Biersteker

Executive HR Consultant


Diane Haase

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Anne Wettstein

Senior Human Resources Consultant/Partner

Nick Erler

Senior Human Resources Consultant/Partner

Amy Beaman

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Carsin Boeck

Human Resources Consultant

Samantha Pedersen

Human Resources Consultant